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Published on September 27, 2012

Cone Health Has $187 Million Impact on Communities It Serves

Cone Health directly invested nearly $187 million into the communities it serves in fiscal year 2011. This includes approximately $172 million in uncompensated care for those in need, as well as nearly $15 million in monetary donations, volunteer hours, training for healthcare professionals, and community education and outreach. This represents Cone Health’s highest community contribution ever.

The “2012 Report to our Communities” is an easy way for the public to gauge the wide-ranging contribution Cone Health has on the communities it serves. The report is available at

Uncompensated care is charity care, bad debt and the shortfall between what government pays for healthcare through Medicare and Medicaid and what it actually costs to deliver that care. Cone Health has provided nearly $1 billion in uncompensated care since 2001.

“Cone Health continues to quietly invest even more in our area’s health and economy through construction, technology, research, leading-edge care and efforts to recruit and retain the best medical professionals available today,” says Tim Rice, Chief Executive Officer, Cone Health. “All of these investments support our vision to be among the best healthcare providers nationwide.”

The report also shows how Cone Health impacts the communities it serves in ways other than through direct medical care. Cone Health and its 8,600 employees donated more than $2.5 million to community organizations. More than $9.3 million was invested in the training and education of healthcare professionals, and nearly $3 million was used for community outreach such as health screenings, support programs and health education programs.

“This report makes all of us at Cone Health very proud. In the future, with the dramatic changes occurring in healthcare delivery and reimbursement, we will build an even stronger relationship between the community and Cone Health,” says Dr. Henry Smith, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Cone Health. “Investment in Cone Health through philanthropy, advocacy and volunteerism will be crucial in helping us keep our patients and community healthy.”

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