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Published on October 11, 2013

Cone Health Cancer Center Adds to its Cancer Fighting Arsenal

Cone Health Cancer Center recently acquired and has begun using a Varian TrueBeam™ linear particle accelerator. The $4 million machine is the latest piece of equipment that uses highly focused beams of radiation to treat cancer. The Varian TrueBeam™ treats a wide variety of cancers and offers patients shorter treatment times than the device it replaces.

Later this fall, Cone Health Cancer Center will add a Calypso™ 4D TrueBeacmLocalization System to the device. The Calypso system tracks the targeted tumors as they move within the body. “Motion management has become an important part of accurate treatment delivery because, even though a patient is lying still, organs are always moving,” says Dr. Robert Murray, medical director, radiation oncology. “This device watches the tumor and will stop the delivery of radiation if the patient’s breathing or other motion moves the tumor out of ideal position. This spares surrounding tissue leading to potentially better treatment with fewer side effects.”

The TrueBeam joins the TrueBeam STx™ system and the TomoTherapy®  Hi-Art system in the Cone Health Radiation Oncology department. The TrueBeam STx can be used on tumors that would be hard to reach using conventional surgery, such as those deep inside the brain. The TomoTherapy unit delivers radiation with extreme accuracy. This is especially useful in treating areas where nerves or other structures are close by, such as in prostrate, and head and neck cancers. “I would dare say that no other area provider has more advanced linear accelerator technology than that found at the Cone Health Cancer Center,” adds Murray.

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