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Published on September 10, 2013

Regional Center for Infectious Disease Hits Care Milestone

The Cone Health Regional Center for Infectious Disease has hit a milestone when it comes to the care of people with HIV. An important indicator of the health of a person with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is better than national averages and among the best in the state.

The indicator is called viral load suppression. It measures the amount of HIV in the blood. Lower amounts of the virus means less impact on the health of the person with HIV and a lower chance that they could transmit the disease.

“This is terrific news for our patients with HIV,” says Dr. Jeffrey Hatcher, medical director, Regional Center for Infectious Disease. “A lower viral load shows that the patient’s treatment is working. Its good news for their overall health and for long-term management of their disease.”

There are 26 Ryan White funded HIV clinics in N. C. The Regional Center for Infectious Disease ranked 5th in the state among them with a 78 percent viral load suppression among patients. The national average is 75 percent.

“Our quality team meets monthly and reviews the viral load of patients. We identify those who aren’t where we want them to be and change treatment or medications to improve their care,” Hatcher says. “We constantly look for ways to better help our patients keep HIV a manageable disease.”

The Regional Center for Infectious Disease is also funded by Cone Health Foundation. Since 1997, Cone Health Foundation has awarded more than $62 million in the Greater Greensboro area in the form of 1,121 grants, scholarships and contributions.

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