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Published on February 19, 2013

Triad HealthCare Network Taps Alere Accountable Care Solutions to Bring Health Information Exchange to Triad Patients


Area doctors will soon see a more complete record of their patients, thanks to a highly advanced health information exchange (HIE) being implemented by Triad HealthCare Network. The health information sharing system is being rolled out over the next 18-24 months and is a big step toward making sure people get the right care at the right time and place.

The concept behind an HIE is simple – computers sort patient information from Triad HealthCare Network members and create a single medical record for each patient. 

“This produces a huge change in the way medicine is practiced,” says Steve Neorr, Vice President and Executive Director, Triad HealthCare Network. “Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of your health are managed at each medical visit– not just the concern that brought you in that day.” The single chart should also help avoid duplicate tests and paperwork.

Keeping medical records safe and secure is an important feature of the Triad HealthCare Network HIE. “Security features alerting us to potentially unauthorized searches of medical records is only part of the system,” says Neorr. “Highly sensitive portions of medical records – such as mental health, substance abuse and HIV status —are locked to everyone without patient approval,” adds Neorr.

While all 700-plus members of Triad HealthCare Network will have access to the HIE, it will be used first by primary care doctors.  The system works with nearly all medical records programs, including Cone HealthLink, the electronic medical record used by Cone Health.

“We are using our sophisticated technology to provide the foundation for Triad HealthCare Network’s emerging accountable care organization. With it, providers can come together to achieve their common goal of improving care for members of the community,” says Sumit Nagpal, CEO of Alere Accountable Care Solutions, the company responsible for creating the HIE solution used by Triad HealthCare Network. “This is a transformational moment that will bring Triad HealthCare and its members one step closer to the long-awaited information revolution in healthcare.”


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