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Published on January 28, 2014

A New Main Entrance Opens to The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital


A new main entrance to The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital opens to patients and visitors on Saturday, Feb. 1. The entrance will take people into the hospital through the recently opened North Tower. How patients and visitors get to the hospital and where they park will also change.

Patients and visitors will enter the hospital campus from N. Church St. A short drives takes them into a convenient parking deck. From there, a covered walkway leads past a fountain and into the main entrance – called “Entrance A.” (Patients and visitors heading to the emergency department or short stay center will get to those destinations as before.)

“The new entrance makes parking and getting into the hospital so much easier,” says Cone Health Executive Vice President and Moses Cone Hospital President Judy Schanel. “We have also made a number of changes to improve the flow through the hospital. Visitors will find it easier to remember where they parked and patients will find a less congested path when it is time to return home.”  

Those changes include renaming the three patient and visitor entrances into the hospital. In addition to “Entrance A” (the main entrance) there is “Entrance B”, which is the emergency department entrance and “Entrance C,” which is the former main entrance off of E. Northwood St. That becomes the preferred exit for patients leaving the hospital for home.

A temporary corridor connects Entrances A and C, making it much easier for visitors to see patients in rooms on the other side of the hospital. A permanent corridor opens in early summer.

“Hospitals can be big, confusing places to get around in. Finding your way around them may never be as easy as A, B, C, but we’re getting close,” says Schanel.

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