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Published on January 17, 2014

Cone Health Recognized as Tops in State in 11 Medical Categories


Cone Health has been recognized as the number one provider in North Carolina in 11 medical categories and as being among the top 100 hospitals nationally in 28. The 2014 quality awards are from CareChex®—a division of Comparion. The company has created a medical quality rating system designed to help hospitals improve quality and to help consumers better understand medical excellence.  The rating system is based on publicly-available clinical outcome, patient safety and patient satisfaction data.

Cone Health scored in the top 10 percent in the nation for medical excellence in 11 categories including cancer care, major cardiac surgery, general surgery, joint replacement, major orthopedic surgery and women’s health. Cone Health also ranks first in the state for patient safety in eight categories including cancer care, gastrointestinal care, heart attack treatment, hip fracture repair, major bowel procedures and pneumonia care.

“Providing the highest quality care is the most important thing we do at Cone Health. To be recognized as the best by one of the nation’s largest health information companies is reaffirming,” says Cone Health Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mary Jo Cagle. “I am proud to be part of an organization moving relentlessly toward its goal of being a national leader in quality, service and cost in the healthcare we provide.”

“CareChex® allows the public to make informed decisions regarding the quality of medical care provided by hospitals,” said Dr. Thane Forthman, president and CEO, Care Chex®, a division of Comparion. “We are pleased to acknowledge that Cone Health has achieved an exceptionally high level of performance across all components of medical quality. Cone Health's performance is a benchmark that other hospitals should seek to emulate.”

CareChex uses six peer-reviewed methodologies, many of which are used nationally by the Healthcare Quality Alliance and Agency for Healthcare Research Quality. They are:

  • Core measures (adherence to scientifically researched standards of care).
  • Inpatient quality indicators (set of measures using hospital data).
  • Patient safety indicators (the number of adverse events or avoidable medical errors).
  • Mortality rates.
  • Complication rates.
  • Patient satisfaction rates.

The awards are based on cumulative performance from the last three years of public data. The awards apply to The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, Wesley Long Hospital, Annie Penn Hospital and Women’s Hospital.

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