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Published on February 10, 2015

Cone Health Makes Hospital Bills More Understandable and Easier to Pay

One of the biggest complaints hospitals receive is that many patients don’t understand their bills or don’t have simple, convenient ways to pay. Cone Health heard those complaints and took action. Cone Health now issues easy to understand patient bills with multiple payment options by partnering with Patientco, the industry-leading patient revenue cycle technology company, to provide patients with a consistent way to track, understand and pay medical bills through the PatientWallet™.

“While Cone Health holds itself to high standards of care and quality, the financial experience for our patients was coming up short – in large part due to statements that were difficult to understand,” says Cone Health Vice President of Revenue Cycle, Mike Simms. “Through our partnership with Patientco, everything is now easy. A woman can find and pay bills for her obstetrician, labs, labor and delivery, and pediatrician services all in one place. And even better, she can understand her bills.” Of course patients can still pay bills through a 24/7 automated phone system or through the mail.

Cone Health’s new patient bills were designed by consumers, for consumers, with user-friendly features such as everyday language, icons and summaries to help patients understand their charges, how to make a payment or even ask a question. Since the system integrates with Cone Health's electronic medical record systems, the bill exactly matches the services provided.

With more people buying insurance plans that leave them paying more of the bill, Cone Health recognized the increasing need for helping patients know their responsibilities upfront and making it easy to understand and pay their bills. Cone Health’s partnership with Patientco enables a better experience to help patients understand, manage and pay their health care bills.

“Patients are the fastest growing payer in health care and organizations must adjust their patient payment strategies to account for this tremendous shift,” says Patientco CEO Bird Blitch. “We are looking forward to collaborating with Cone Health and are committed to delivering outstanding patient revenue cycle technology to help them provide exceptional service to their customers and strengthen their top and bottom line.”