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Published on July 06, 2016

Blankets and Messages of Hope Warm Cone Health Cancer Patients

Subaru of America and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) recently delivered 60 blankets and messages of hope to Cone Health cancer patients. The delivery was part of an effort by Subaru and LLS to raise awareness about the urgent need to find cancer cures and ensure patients have access to

Blanket for Cancer Center Patients

lifesaving treatments.

“While we provide the latest treatments and technology at Cone Health Cancer Center, the human touch still has a profound impact,” says Cone Health Chief of Oncology Services T. Christopher “Chris” Windham, MD. “Knowing that someone took the time to write a note of encouragement and adding a blanket is huge. Our cancer patients need to know that there is more than our team pulling for them. There is an entire community here, rooting for their success.”

Cone Health Cancer Center treated nearly 200 people with leukemia or lymphoma in 2015.

Visitors to Subaru dealerships were given the chance to offer personalized messages of hope to patients at Cone Health Cancer Center, which were delivered alongside the blankets.

The delivery was part of LLS’s network of 56 chapters joining with Subaru dealers across the country to deliver more than 30,000 blankets and messages of hope.

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