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Published on November 15, 2016

Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital Thanks First Responders for Partnering in Innovative Program

Yesterday, (Nov. 14) first responders had lunch at Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital as a way of saying thank you for improving care for patients! 

Behavioral Health Hospital recently collaborated with Guilford County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to create a better way to care for behavioral health patients. The goal of the new advanced paramedics program is to speed care to behavioral health patients by helping them avoid long waits in hospital emergency rooms.

Traditionally, an ambulance answering a 911 call could only go one place--an emergency department. There, after the patient was cleared medically, a behavioral health specialist would be called to evaluate and care for the patient-- sometimes transferring them to Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital.

Under this program, when someone calls 911 for a behavioral health issue, EMS crews use a list of medical screening criteria to determine if the patient needs to go to a hospital emergency room or can simply go straight to Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital for mental health care. By involving EMS in the process, the needs of the patient are more quickly identified and they  quickly and conveniently receive needed care .

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