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Published on July 14, 2016

Garcia Named Cone Health Administrative Fellow

While pursuing a medical degree, she discovered her dreams were bigger than being a physician


The dream was there. Cinthya Garcia had earned a neurosciences degree and completed the pre-med track at Johns Hopkins University. She fully intended to attend medical school. But Garcia was driven to change things and in a larger

Cynthia Garcia

Cinthya Garcia

way than doctor to patient.

“I was more interested in how health care organizations operated and came together as a system,” says Garcia. “I wanted to learn how health care leaders made the decisions that could improve care for entire communities.”

Garcia enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned a master’s degree. Now, the first-generation American is an administrative fellow at Cone Health. Garcia sees Cone Health as one of the few places where she can turn her dreams into reality right away.

“While working on my master’s in health care administration, I learned about novel concepts that are the future of health care such as telemedicine, accountable care organizations, value-based reimbursement and self-insured organizations. But these concepts are already up and running at Cone Health,” says the recent graduate.

As an administrative fellow, Garcia will learn about the rapidly changing business of health care by working in several of the more than 200 locations that make up Cone Health. She will also focus on major projects working with senior management, the medical staff and the Cone Health Board of Trustees. In the second year of her fellowship, she will work on many of the strategic initiatives underway across Cone Health.

“At Cone Health, we are not only focused on developing new ways to deliver health care in our community, but also to develop leaders who will be a crucial part of that process into the future,” says Preston Hammock, president, Alamance Regional Medical Center and senior vice president, Cone Health.  Hammock serves as Garcia’s preceptor at Cone Health.  “I began my career in health care as an administrative fellow, and can say that we learn from those in our program as well as provide the experiences that will continue moving health care in our community forward.” 

“Cone Health stood out as being a very forward thinking and innovative organization that is becoming the leader when it comes to population health management and responding to the changing health care landscape,” says Garcia. “That, along with the leadership team’s dedication to mentoring and developing their fellows, made it very clear that Cone Health was the place to be.”

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