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Published on April 05, 2016

Open House Set for Remodeled Children’s Unit

Whether it is due to a severe asthma attack, a sickle cell episode or a bad respiratory infection, more than 1,800 visits a year are made to the children’s unit at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. Now those patients, their parents and the general public can tour the remodeled unit from 4 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 14.

The $3 million renovation updates the 18-bed unit as well as the accompanying four-bed pediatric intensive care unit. The unit was redesigned with patients and families in mind. It adds a larger family area where parents can step away to grab a quick cup of coffee, visit vending machines or secure items in lockers. Patients have private bathrooms and every room has a smart TV.

Those who spend the most time on the unit played a big role in its look and feel. Former patients and families helped pick color schemes as well as the type of information that will always be available on the dry erase boards in every patient room. Staff suggested changes that should improve workflows and help them to be more proactive to patient needs.

To attend the open house, follow the signs to the sixth floor of Moses Cone Hospital.

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