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Published on December 12, 2017

Cone Health and Babyscripts Partner to Provide Pregnancy Care for Higher Risk Patients

Pilot program focuses on gestational diabetes care.

Cone Health has partnered with Babyscripts, the first mobile clinical tool to allow OB/GYNs to remotely monitor their pregnant patients’ progress and health, to develop a way to monitor gestational diabetes remotely. With almost 10 percent of women developing diabetes during pregnancy, the project promises to give moms—and their doctors—peace of mind.

Cone Health will be the first to monitor pregnant women who have diabetes using the Babyscripts program. Around 100 patients of the Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare will have the option to sign up for remote monitoring. Patients will use the Babyscripts app to input and transmit blood sugar values from their glucometers. The Babyscripts system will relay blood sugars in real time to the Cone Health clinical team, allowing for more prompt interventions if problems arise.

“What makes this really special is that the woman knows that her blood sugar levels are being monitored every time she tests them,” says Kelly Leggett, MD, Center for Women’s Healthcare, Cone Health.

Dr. Kelly Leggett

“I no longer have to wait until her next appointment to review blood sugar levels. I can review the values at any point and can modify the treatment immediately.” The pilot program will focus on expectant mothers who have a history of diabetes or have developed gestational diabetes.

The new product by Babyscripts was created with Cone Health as a way to deliver pregnancy care that focuses solely on individual patient needs. The Babyscripts’ diabetes platform will be piloted in February 2018.

The Babyscripts diabetes platform was created with physicians and patients in mind and will provide patients with:

  • Daily reminders to report sugar levels through the mobile application.
  • Real-time feedback to providers on changes in patient blood sugar.
  • In-app education and counseling for diabetes.
  • More timely and increased data monitoring for provider.s

“Precision prenatal care is a new way of delivering pregnancy care that addresses every type of potential risk and situation that can arise during pregnancy and postpartum that is specific to each patient,” says Juan Pablo Segura, co-founder of Babyscripts. “It is with this in mind that we have developed an enhanced product that will address patients’ specific needs in diabetes and therefore will have the greatest impact in delivering our goal of eliminating preterm births by the year 2027.”

Babyscripts is a virtual care platform for obstetrics that allows OBGYNs to deliver better prenatal care. The platform is powered by a suite of mobile apps that drive better patient decision making, internet-connected devices for remote monitoring, and a host of population health tools to give providers access to patient data in real time. When using these tools, patients experience increased engagement and satisfaction, while OBGYNs are able to identify patient risk more quickly, improve clinic workflow, and see more patients.

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