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Published on August 17, 2017

Groundbreaking Launches Construction of Major Project

New facility unites women’s and children’s services for Cone Health.

Construction on a new, nearly 200,000-square-foot facility on The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital campus has officially begun.

Groundbreaking for new Women's HospitalA groundbreaking was held today on the south side of Moses Cone Hospital. The facility is expected to be ready by summer 2019.

The $100 million project will unite the women’s services at Women’s Hospital with the children’s services at Moses Cone Hospital.  “At every step along the way, the guiding question has been, ‘What is best for women and children in our care?’” says Cone Health Chief Executive Officer Terry Akin. “So our commitment has been to not only replicate the exceptional care at Women’s Hospital – but to improve upon it in this new space.”

One of the biggest improvements will be the innovative approach to caring for babies needing intensive care. The facility will be one of the first in the state to feature couplet care rooms. That is the ability to allow moms who have just given birth to recover in the same room where their baby is getting intensive care. Neonatal intensive care rooms also will be private—allowing parents to stay with their child.

The addition will include family-friendly amenities like dedicated parking, its own entrance and own elevators.

More than 900 people were involved in the design of the six-story addition. This included former patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and the people who bring nursing supplies to the floors. Women’s Hospital and Behavioral Health Services President Debbie Cunningham, DNP, said everyone needed to have a part in the process. “This was done to make sure our new building is a terrific place to work and continues to be the place so many women in the Piedmont trust for some of the most important moments of their lives.”

Approximately 6,000 babies are born annually at Women’s Hospital. Moses Cone Hospital President Mickey Foster mentioned the statistic and concluded, “That means almost a half a million new infants will be delivered her over the course of a lifetime. This will be where our community’s future starts.”

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