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Published on June 27, 2017

How a “Ping” Brings Better Care to Triad HealthCare Network Patients

Your doctor can pass along vital information almost immediately with the PatientPing system.

A simple fall can send a loved one to an emergency department, put them into a hospital for a few days or even into a skilled nursing facility for a few weeks. Often, those on the health care team won’t know until their patient’s next appointment. Triad HealthCare Network (THN) providers are changing that by using PatientPing. It allows patient information to be shared when needed and is being used for the first time in North Carolina by THN.

By joining the system, THN providers receive “pings,” or real-time email or text notifications, whenever their patients go into an emergency department or are admitted into a hospital or skilled nursing facility. “By receiving this information in real time, providers or social workers can drop by the emergency department or contact the skilled nursing facility and go into the details of the patient’s care,” says Elissa Langley, director, ACO Operations, Triad HealthCare Network. “This may avoid unnecessary admissions or help ensure that patient medications are appropriate for whatever changes they are going through.” Facilities and patient care teams are also pinged when their patient leaves a hospital or nursing home. This helps ensure that home health visits and other appropriate care is planned for without delay.

PatientPing is being rolled out to THN providers, area hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies. It should be available to all THN providers by fall. The goal is to provide better coordinated medical care no matter where the patient goes. “We are excited to be entering into the North Carolina market with THN. The PatientPing system will allow everyone to come together in a way that measurably improves the patient and provider experience,” said Jay Desai, co-founder and CEO, PatientPing. “We will be inviting other providers in North Carolina and surrounding states into the PatientPing community to bring the benefits of this level of care coordination to more places.”

PatientPing’s nationwide community already includes tens of thousands of providers. The goal is that any two or more providers who share patients anywhere in the country will be able to coordinate and collaborate on their care.

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