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Published on January 19, 2017

LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation Honors One of Its Founding Physicians

The foundation has been named for Dr. Bruce Brodie, an internationally recognized pioneer in heart attack treatment.

Cone Health’s LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation has been re-named the LeBauer-Brodie Center for Cardiovascular Research and Education. The change was made to honor retired Cone Health cardiologist Bruce Brodie, MD. Brodie co-founded the foundation and is a pioneer in modern methods of

Bruce Brodie, MD

treating heart attacks.

Nearly 30 years ago, Brodie was part of a small group of physicians who pioneered the use of angioplasty to physically remove blockages from blood vessels while heart attacks were occurring. The traditional approach was to use medications that eventually dissolved the blockages. Brodie thought the faster normal blood flow was restored, the less damage the heart would sustain and the better off the patient would be. Today, the use of angioplasty to treat heart attacks is the preferred method of treatment.

“Bruce had the foresight to encourage additional advances in cardiovascular care by creating the LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation,” says foundation co-founder (and current medical director) Tom Stuckey, MD. “This became a model as to how community hospitals could play a leading role in cardiovascular research. The foundation allows us to take part in clinical trials offered at few hospitals. This brings new devices, new medications, new techniques and new hope to patients well before they become the preferred approach elsewhere.”

Brodie was also quick in setting up a database to track the outcome of all treated heart attack patients.  Because of that, the foundation has been one of the leading sources of information about heart attack care, including the use of stents and various drugs, and the importance of rapid treatment in preventing heart muscle damage.

“Dr. Brodie established Cone Health Heart and Vascular Center as a leader in treating heart disease,” says Rich Lundy, vice president of heart and vascular services and imaging services, Cone Health. “That attracted other very talented physicians who continue building his legacy and carrying forward his commitment to improve the care of heart patients, not only here but around the world.”

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