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Published on July 21, 2017

Nita Johnston to Lead Institutional Review Board

The institutional review board governs research at Cone Health.

Nita Johnston, PharmD, MS, has been named Chair of the Cone Health Institutional Review Board (IRB). The Cone Health IRB has jurisdiction over research involving people and is the IRB of record for all research involving patients who are recruited, enrolled, or treated.

Nita Johnston, PharmD

Johnston has been a member of the IRB since 2014 working closely with various research groups throughout Cone Health. She has been the interim IRB chair since April of this year.  

Johnston has been at Cone Health for more than 30 years and is experienced in leading successful research initiatives. Her responsibility will be to lead the IRB to review and approve research projects, ensuring that people recruited for research are not subjected to unnecessary risk, and are clearly informed and fully aware about research efforts they are enrolling in.

Johnston completed her pharmacy education at Campbell University and earned her master degree in clinical research administration from Walden University.  Johnston will continue in her role as pharmacist administrative coordinator for the Cone Health Transitions of Care/Medication History Program. 

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