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Published on October 19, 2020

Annie Penn Hospital Holds Emergency Preparedness Drill

The public can expect to see more first responders at the hospital than usual.


Look for police, fire, ambulances and an unusual truck around Annie Penn Hospital on Thursday, Oct. 22. The facility is hosting a large-scale emergency preparedness exercise.Command Center Bus 

The exercise will run from 1 to 3 that afternoon. First responders from Reidsville and Rockingham County will take part. The drill will test staff and first responders’ ability to move patients from one part of the hospital to another under stressful conditions—such as might be caused by a need to quickly evacuate the building. 

The drill has its own added element of stress as it occurs in a pandemic. “No matter what happens, people expect their hospital to be ready,” explains Raul Gomez emergency preparedness specialist, Cone Health. “We will wear the appropriate PPE and take the necessary steps to keep drill participants safe as we sharpen our skills.” 

The exercise will also be the first use of Cone Health’s new mobile command center. The bus-like vehicle allows for improved communications between first responders and Cone Health even when buildings have to be evacuated. 

Gomez adds that while the exercise may be visible to visitors, it will not interfere with patient care.