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Published on May 06, 2020

Cone Health Celebrates 100th COVID-19 Recovery

This patient went home from Cone Health's COVID-19 facility.

Luis Teodoro, 51, is a hard-working man. He works two jobs: landscaping and janitorial cleaning. For the past two weeks, he’s been working at recovering from COVID-19. Today, he got to go home after being cared for at Cone Health Green Valley campus--a facility for COVID-19 patients only.

Luis Teodoro

Luis Teodoro

“I think God wants us to stick around together and not do working, working, working all the time,” Teodoro says from his hospital bed, referencing his previous focus on two jobs as well as his wife’s two jobs. “I’m thankful for Him getting me through this. That’s how I think now. This is my opportunity to live and see my family again,” says Teodoro.

“This patient’s recovery is so extraordinary,” says Woody Owens, RN, a nurse at Green Valley campus. Just days ago, Teodoro was on a ventilator, fighting for his life after apparently contracting COVID-19 from a customer writing him a check. “He has shown dramatic improvement. I am so happy to see him going home today.”

Teodoro was reunited with his wife, Esther, outside the hospital building as staff celebrated. He is Cone Health’s 100th patient to recover from a COVID+ hospitalization. A celebration marking his discharge was held coincidentally on the first day of National Nurses Week. Nurses across the campus see Teodoro’s reunion with his family as “one of the best Nurses Day celebrations they could ever experience!”