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Published on September 22, 2020

Cone Health Gives Time Off to Vote

The health network takes steps to help workers cast ballots.


Cone Health doesn’t want a hectic schedule keeping its 13,000 employees from voting. So, Cone Health is taking a series of steps to make it easier to cast ballots. The measures are designed to make Cone Health “voter friendly.”Paper Ballot

“We understand that balancing work, family and voting can be challenging enough without the uncertainty of voting in a pandemic,” says Mandy Eaton, executive vice president, people and culture, Cone Health. “We want to do what we can to help our employees exercise one of their most fundamental rights in a democracy and vote.”  

Cone Health is making it easier for employees to vote in several ways. 

  • Time off to vote- Employees can ask for two hours to head to the polls to vote on Election Day or two hours during early voting (including time to drop off a filled-out absentee ballot.) Requests need to be made a week in advance and the employee and supervisor will find a time least disruptive to patient care.
  • Voter education- Cone Health is providing employees with information about how to find their polling places as well as deadlines for voter registration and early voting.
  • Absentee balloting- Information on proper forms, deadlines and even postage is provided. 

Cone Health urges everyone who is eligible to make their voices heard by voting.