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Published on October 13, 2020

Cone Health Opens Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The facility should allow a faster, more focused approach to treatment.


One in 26 people will develop epilepsy or recurring seizures in their lifetime according to the American Epilepsy Society. Getting the right care at the start is important for effective treatment. The epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital is built to do just that.

“The diagnostic capability enabled by our new EMU is a significant enhancement in care for epilepsy patients,” says Dr. Priyanka Yadav, EMU medical director. “By continuously tracking brain activity, we’re better able to pinpoint what part of the brain triggers seizures and develop plans tailored to each person’s condition.”

The EMU at Moses Cone Hospital will enable physicians to identify which parts of the brain are causing seizures, enabling improved epilepsy treatment.

The EMU allows around the clock monitoring and recording of the electrical activity in the brain and heart. The unit can provide care for two patients per week in private rooms, with the opportunity to grow based on community need. Continuous video, audio and brainwave monitoring and recording will keep patients prone to seizures, safe. A typical patient stays in the EMU 3 to 5 days.

“Some medications can worsen seizures and numerous medication changes diminish the likelihood of effective treatment,” says Yadav. “Pinpoint diagnosis in our EMU will enable us to recommend the treatments most likely to bring seizures under control.”

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