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Published on October 09, 2020

Cone Health Puts COVID-19 Data Analysis Online 

The interactive tool allows people to track the spread of COVID-19 and better understand their risks of catching it.  



The numbers around COVID-19 can seem overwhelming. Is it spreading? Where in North Carolina is COVID-19 spreading fastest? How is COVID-19 impacting people according to age, race or gender? The Cone Health Enterprise Analytics team has built an online tool to help people make sense of the numbers. The tool is free and available at 

The prediction modeling tool provides the same information Cone Health uses to guide decision making around COVID-19. It is also used by several area universities and businesses to track and plan during the pandemic. 

Cone Health Chief Analytics Officer Rick Pro says the goal is to help people better understand the pandemic and make better decisions. “Everyone hears about modeling being used to assess the impact of a holiday or an event on case numbers,” says Pro. “Now people can look at the same information we look at and assess their own risk. This is about being right here with the communities we serve and help them better understand what is going on around us.” 

The website has COVID-19 information for all 100 North Carolina counties. You can see how the number of cases has spiked and retreated over time. You can also see if the virus appears to be rapidly or more slowly spreading.  

There is also a risk assessment tool. It allows you to select a gathering size and receive an estimate as to how many people with COVID-19 are likely to be in the gathering. Results are available for North Carolina counties.   

The website is created using widely available public information. The Cone Health Enterprise Analytics team “crunches the numbers” based on predictive modeling principles and practices for infectious diseases. It is continuously and automatically updated.