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Published on November 17, 2020

Fear of COVID-19 Can Kill You

Kiva Elliott is glad she didn’t give into it.

Many have deferred routine health care during the pandemic. Cone Health’s Kiva Elliott, vice president, chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, wants everyone to know how critically important it is to keep screenings and office visits. Since June, Elliott has gone from a breast cancer diagnosis to survivor.Kiva Elliott, breast cancer survivor

As with many, Elliott’s routine exam was canceled in March because of the pandemic. Rescheduled for June, she went to her appointment. She felt assured about safety protocols yet worried about a small lump she noticed in her breast.  

“Something just did not feel normal,” shares Elliott. “Even though my mammogram did not raise concerns, my physician moved forward with diagnostic testing. That decision saved my life.”​

Don't Put off Screenings

“While we know the devastating impact COVID-19 is having within our community and communities around the world, I can’t stress enough the importance of continuing to get screenings and regular care,” adds Elliott. “Cone Health is taking every measure to ensure that all patients and employees are safe.”​​​

While Elliott was stunned by her diagnosis, she was comforted by the Cone Health family and how quickly everything moved along. By July, Elliott had a lumpectomy with another procedure in August. In September and October, she underwent radiation treatments that went like “clockwork.”

Right Here With You​

“While I ha​​d to go to appointments by myself, Cone Health made it so easy and less scary,” says Elliott of daily radiation treatments. “I never had a delay in care. I pulled up. My temperature was taken. A friendly valet parked my car. I was treated like all patients at Cone Health…with heartfelt compassion and support.”

 “A simple hello or small gesture from the valet, nurse or check-in staff really lifted me up. Being human and having empathy goes a long way towards healing,” says Elliott. “I felt a sense of belonging, and there is nothing like that feeling.”

Elliott’s experience is a testament to Cone Health’s shared commitment: Ensuring every patient and employee feels respected, accepted, valued and empowered.

A Caring Experience

With a clean bill of health, Elliott feels even more passionate about Cone Health’s culture of caring.

“I experienced what our brand promise – ‘We are right here with you’ – is truly all about,”  concludes Elliott.”