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Published on February 10, 2020

Remodeled Cafeteria Focuses on Variety, Freshness and Convenience

The Moses Cone Hospital eatery offers a very un-hospital-like experience.


Greensboro—Think hospital food, and bland usually comes to mind. Bland was not the target in redesigning the cafeteria at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

“We're thrilled to offer our community a beautifully designed, welcoming cafeteria with a tremendous array of options, including many healthy choices. For us, it's a milestone of quality, comfort and convenience for our patients, guests and community," says   

Man getting sandwich

Preston Hammock, president, Moses Cone Hospital.

Patients, patient families and employees were surveyed about everything from food choices to the colors, seating and overall ambiance. And requested services will soon be coming.

The redesign of the cafeteria at Moses Cone Hospital offers a variety of food stations for a variety of tastes.

Wide Cafeteria

The “Cone Health Eatery” has healthy eating options such as an expanded salad and fruit bar, roasted veggies, plant-based burgers and easy-to-find calorie information on everything. There is the World Cuisine area featuring dishes with an international flair when you are adventurous and familiar comfort foods (braised pot roast, marinara bowl) when you are not.  

For patients, the redesign brings expanded room service with a wide variety of items on the menu, including breakfast items available all day. (If you are on a medically restricted diet, well, it is a hospital.)  “People turn to what makes them feel better,” says Josh Andrews, executive director, environmental and food & nutrition services, Cone Health. “And we are right there with you, even in the foods you eat.”

 After all it was Hippocrates who said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."