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Published on June 02, 2020


Woman Camps on Hospital Lawn Awaiting Grandbaby  

 Kim Larrimore says this is the second-best thing to being there.

Greensboro – “In this time of darkness, this is a blessing coming into our world,” says Kim Larrimore. And there is no way—not a pandemic, riots or curfews—that she was going to miss it. So, this grandma-to-be brought a chair, a tiara and a few signs to the front of the Cone Health Women’s & Children’s Center at Moses Cone Hospital to wait for the big event. 

Larrimore with Sign

The idea came to Larrimore when she drove to the hospital on a false alarm. Knowing that visitors aren’t allowed inside because of the coronavirus risk, a large patch of grass in front of the building caught her eye, “Now that’s a thought,” Larrimore recalls thinking. 

Ben Overton and daughter-in-law Jordan Vines Overton came to the hospital yesterday (June 1) from Winston-Salem. “I couldn’t stay at home,” Larrimore says. Around 5:30 this morning she put her plan into action. “I just asked the security guard if I could sit in the courtyard until the baby was born.” 

A nurse saw her from the building and pointed the woman in a chair wearing a tiara and holding several

Girl or Boy?

signs out to Ben. “That would be my mom,” he sighed.

Larrimore hasn’t been alone. “The staff has been great. I can’t tell you how many people have asked if I needed anything, water or an umbrella. It’s been great.” 

By early afternoon, family joined. Jordan’s parents, her grandmother and a sister arrived. Ben's brother and a few friends came over. Larrimore’s homemade signs help with communication. One asks the big question, “Girl or Boy?”

Just after 3, they got the answer—a boy: Roan Wallace Overton. The middle name is in honor of Larrimore’s late father. In the grass outside the hospital, she knows they are not alone. “We are surrounded,” she says, “by love.”