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Published on September 14, 2021

Cone Health Receives Quality Award for Women’s Health

The award represents outstanding work in the care of women over the past decade.  

Fewer infections, better blood sugar levels in newborns and fewer premature infants are some of the signs of healthier pregnancies and deliveries. Cone Health has been recognized for 10 years of improving women’s and infants' health in the Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina (PQCNC). PQCNC is an organization focused on quality of care for newborns that brings stakeholders across the state together in quality improvement initiatives with a mission to make North Carolina the best place to give birth and be born.  

“The birth of a child is surrounded by so many hopes and dreams,” says Sue Pedaline, DNP, chief nursing officer, vice president Cone Health Maternal-Child Services. “We in health care know that there are risks to those hopes and dreams if health concerns arise for mothers or their babies. Our work has been centered on achieving optimal health outcomes and the PQCNC collaborative has provided a valuable forum for growth and learning in quality and safety.”

The award is for intensive work and demonstrated improvements in a multitude of quality initiatives that address the health of a mother and her infant. This award recognizes not only Cone Health’s results, but its willingness to be a partner in new approaches to perinatal quality improvement over the last decade.

“As all of us living in health care quality know being a provider of reliable, safe and high-quality care requires commitment, professionalism, and passion. It demands leadership and a demonstrated ability to work as a team. Cone Health has over the decade demonstrated all these qualities,” says Dr. Martin J McCaffrey, Director, PQCNC.