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Published on March 01, 2021

COVID Legend Award

As we move into the second year of the pandemic, Cone Health recognizes employees who made a difference during the first.


Greensboro – The coronavirus pandemic impacted Cone Health in unprecedented ways. Across the network, employees stepped up with courage and creativity. Some volunteered to work at a COVID-19 only hospital at a time when we knew little of COVID-19 other than its ability to spread and kill. Another helped organize and train staff who lost hours when surgeries were postponed to help with COVID-19 testing. Another helped create mathematical models that predicted the spread and impact of COVID-19 in our communities. All of them put in legendary performances. Cone Health created its COVID Legend Award to recognize them. 

“The term ‘Health Care Heroes’ was used a lot in the early days of the pandemic, and justifiably so,” says Cone Health Chief Operating Officer Dr. Mary Jo Cagle. “And when you ask our staff, these are the people who come to mind. These are the coworkers we rallied around.” 

In December, employees nominated those whose work during the pandemic had a profound impact on employees, patients and the community. A review committee selected these 56 individuals. 

Aashka Mehta

Amanda Couture,

Amanda Payne

Ann Councilman

Anne Macner

Benjamin Mancheril

Amy Thompson

Camille McCollum

Catherine Lavoie

Chad Queen,

Christopher Hoffman

Christopher McKeown

Christopher Scheib

Clenton Manderville

Cynthia Lee

Dr. Cynthia Snider

David McMillian

David Thompson

DeAnne Brooks

Debbie Grant

Ellen Pancoast

Erica Dodoo

Glenda Tastet

Gretta Frierson

Hannah Mack

Heather Jobe

Hilary Ward

Jamilla-Aisha Pinder

Jennifer Fencl

Jennifer Kappus

Jennifer Wenner

John Rizzo

Jorge Maturino

Joseph Maisano

Karen Hill

Karin Henderson

Katherine Clark

Kelley Duffy

Kelly Faille

Kristina Fraley

Lacey Moore

Lane Hayes

Lillian Wright

Lisa Williams

Marlee Foster

Michael DeWitt

Michael Maccia

Michelle Schneider

Pamela Hawks

Rebecca Medendorp

Sally Hammond

Shelly Barber

Steven Marshall

Tammy King

Tracy Griffin

Vi-Anne Antrum


These individuals are being recognized throughout Cone Health for their service. They are being presented with certificates and many are eligible for $5,000 and $10,000 awards.