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Published on March 03, 2021

Infusion Clinic Reduces Hospital Stays, Emergency Visits

Monoclonal antibodies creates ‘patient fans’ as a treatment for COVID-19.


Monoclonal antibody infusions have proven to reduce hospital stays and lower emergency room visits for people with COVID-19 who qualify. “Qualifying” means someone who tests positive for COVID-19, has risk factors, but is not having shortness of breath or is on oxygen. Cone Health began using these man-made substances that help the immune system early in the coronavirus pandemic. 

“The infusions give patients' immune systems a boost and ultimately keeps them from needing hospital care,” says Dr. Brent McQuaid, chief medical officer of Cone Health Green Valley campus. 

The treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Currently, infusions are offered at 801 Green Valley Rd.

Patients are met at their vehicles by staff, escorted inside, receive their treatment and are escorted back to their vehicles - door-to-door service.

Patient: Judy White  Judy White and Grandkids

Judy White tested positive for COVID-19 Dec. 30, 2020. Nine days later: “Things were beginning to go south,” she says regarding her symptoms and “incredible fatigue.” The Greensboro grandmother of six received a monoclonal antibody infusion and felt noticeably better within 24 hours. “It was remarkable. I am a huge cheerleader for monoclonal infusion. It completely redirected the virus!” 

Patient: Cheryl Davis

“The COVID is not anything to mess with,” says Cheryl Davis, who initially thought she had a sinus infection.   Cheryl DavisShe credits the monoclonal antibody infusion for speeding her recovery. “It kept me from being deathly, deathly ill and from going into the hospital and on a ventilator. It worked for me. It worked! It worked!” Davis lives in Greensboro and spends her spare time sewing masks for use in the pandemic.




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