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Published on June 04, 2021

Latest MRI Tech at Annie Penn Hospital

 Annie Penn Hospital offers an MRI that adjusts to people.


Annie Penn Hospital now has a new MRI that promises better scans in less time.

“Our new MRI produces higher quality scans with improved safety,” says Michael Gilliam, Annie Penn Hospital’s director of radiology. “The latest software typically enables much faster scan times.” MRI Control Room

The new device Gilliam proudly refers to is a Siemens MAGNETOM Sola MRI. MRIs provide images of soft tissues and organs (not bones or joints.) This modern medical marvel is used to diagnose or monitor a range of medical issues from strokes to cancer.

But MRIs can be finicky. People have unique body types and characteristics. These are called biovariabilities and can result in having to repeat scans to get the desired image.

This device automatically adjusts to each person’s body type and can accommodate people up to 500 pounds. Radiology staff can even anticipate motion and put the patient in the ideal position for the best scans. The results are more personalized exams, the need for fewer rescans and more confidence in getting the scan the medical team is looking for.

“With a wider bore or opening, patients are more comfortable and do not experience a closed-in feeling,” adds Gilliam. “At the same time, higher-performing gradients produce more detailed images giving physicians a better sense of a patient’s issue.” 

The new MRI makes high-quality imaging more available to people in the Rockingham County area. Along with the new MRI, the space around it has been redesigned to be more inviting for patients.