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Published on March 18, 2021

Meet the Experts and Learn About COVID-19 Vaccination

A series of virtual meetings will help people get the facts about vaccination.


According to a recent Gallop survey, most people say they are willing or already have taken one of the COVID-19 vaccines. To help those who remain curious about vaccination, Cone Health is offering Your Life Matters: COVID-19 Vaccine Education & Awareness Webinars

The virtual events are designed to dispel myths about the COVID-19 vaccines and layout the case as to why people should get vaccinated. 

Many town halls are customized for specific groups such as Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, students and the business community.  Some town halls are for only for those who register, others are on Facebook Live. Cone Health is willing to partner with other organizations to present at their meetings upon request. 

People wanting to attend a town hall should go to to find coming dates and times. This site also contains a form for organizations to request their own presentations.