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Published on August 01, 2022

Behavioral Health Center Expands Care for People Experiencing a Mental Health or Substance Use Crisis

The unique facility fills the gap between a therapist’s session and a hospital visit for behavioral health care.


Greensboro – People experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis now have expanded access to care in Guilford County with the launch of additional longer-term services at the Guilford County Behavioral Health Center (GCBHC). The center has been providing mental and behavioral health care for all ages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since opening in June 2021. Today, Guilford County Government, in partnership with Cone Health, opened 16 longer-term crisis care beds to provide an immediate, safe place for observation and care for adults with significant mental and emotional health care needs.  Exterior of building

“The Guilford County Behavioral Health Urgent Care has served thousands of residents experiencing a mental or behavioral health crisis with compassionate, immediate, confidential care since opening in 2021, but sometimes those needs are more complex and last beyond the initial symptoms,” said Guilford County Board of Commissioner Chairman Melvin “Skip” Alston. “By expanding the services offered at the Behavioral Health Center, we can provide longer-term care right here in the same building allowing patients to continue their recovery without having to leave their county and local support system.” 

Many people in a mental health crisis don’t need the intense services of a behavioral health hospital but need care beyond a therapist’s office or clinic. Their needs may range from getting back into a routine medication schedule to help dealing with a challenging mental health episode lasting a few days. People may also need extended evaluation when the best course of care is uncertain. The behavioral health crisis center provides those options.

“The crisis center is here to support a wide range of serious mental and emotional health care needs. It can be a bridge for that adult in crisis getting them to their next treatment session or allow additional time for staff to develop options,” said Dr. Archana Kumar, medical director, GCBHC.   

Those who may need crisis services should seek an evaluation at the 24/7 Behavioral Health Urgent Care, also located at GCBHC.

“There is truly no wrong door at the Guilford County Behavioral Health Center and with the opening of the new 16-bed adult crisis care, we are able to deepen the services we can provide right here at the center,” said Director of the Guilford County Behavioral Health Center Debra Mack. “From the inpatient courtyard to the multipurpose rooms, this facility was designed with our clients in mind and allows us to treat our community members in need with respect and compassion.” 

With the opening of the crisis center, the Guilford County Behavioral Health Center becomes the first in the state to offer both urgent- and crisis-level behavioral health care in one location, while also offering medical screenings for conditions like diabetes or asthma, where other behavioral care facilities would not accept such patients in need of both behavioral and medical care. 

In addition to the 16 beds for adults 18 and over in a mental health crisis that opened today, a second facility on the campus operated by Alexander Youth Network includes a 16-bed child-based facility crisis center providing extended stay care for adolescents. 

GCBHC is at 931 Third St. in Greensboro and can be reached at (336) 890-2700.