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Published on July 15, 2022

Cone Health Recognized for Recognizing Employees

The organization’s CHeeRS employee recognition program receives an award from Recognition Professionals International.


Greensboro – Cone Health has been awarded by Recognition Professionals International (RPI) for the way it acknowledges the contributions of team members. Cone Health’s CHeeRS program has been honored for meeting 4 RPI Best Practice Standards®. The standards are based on knowledge gained from academic literature, professional conferences, and shared experiences in developing successful recognition programs.  

Left to right: Donna Graham & Kristy Celis, both of Cone Health

Left to right: Donna Graham & Kristy Celis, both of Cone Health

Quantum Workplace finds 31% less employee turnover in companies with formal employee recognition programs. An article at says that companies that regularly recognize employees have 14% higher productivity and performance. 

“Our team members truly are our most important asset,” says Cone Health Chief People & Culture Officer Michelle Adamolekun. “This recognition shows that we are putting in the effort to not only recognize our hard-working team members, but to show them we appreciate them in the most effective and meaningful ways possible.” 

The CHeeRS employee recognition program at Cone Health, not only allows leaders to recognize others, but allows team members to recognize one another. RPI was impressed for its recognition strategy, communications around the program, the way events and celebrations are handled and flexibility of the program.

Cone Health recruits employees annually for its CHeeRS team. The group meets monthly to make certain that recognition programs not only meet corporate goals but stay relevant and meaningful to the workforce.