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Published on March 09, 2022

Cone Health Sends Medical Supplies to Ukraine

The items are being collected by an area organization.

The last of 10 pallets of supplies left the Cone Health Strategic Sourcing warehouse yesterday bound for the battlefields of Ukraine. The pallets are answering Ukrainian pleas for help in treating the casualties of the war with Russia.

The World Health Organization says there is a “short supply” of critical medical supplies in Ukraine. The organization worries needs will increase as attacks on medical facilities intensify and ambulances are diverted for other uses. The Ukrainians have asked for everything from gauze to tracheostomy kits. Boxes of medical supplies

The nonprofit Living Water, a Slavic congregation at Trinity Church in Greensboro is raising supplies locally. Claudia Fox, a purchasing agent with Cone Health, heard the call. She immediately thought of Wendell Osborne, executive director, Cone Health Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing. “Before the words were out of my mouth he was up and running—never hesitated. I am very grateful to my bosses and the Strategic Sourcing Team, and Cone Health, for putting the “human” in humanitarian,” says Fox.

Cone Health routinely sends medical supplies that it no longer needs to bolster health care in poorer nations. “Our slogan is, ‘We are right here with you,’” Osborne says. “’ You’ has no borders.” Osborne’s team scoured their shelves. Representatives of Living Water were amazed. “This was like gold to them,” Osborne says. A chartered plane will take the supplies to Poland.

Some of the medical supplies Cone Health is providing are out of date. Some—like gravity feeding bags—Cone Health no longer sees a need for. “Lots of this Cone Health would never use again,” explains Osborne. “The bags were bought in the middle of the pandemic when pumps for feeding bags were hard to find.” Pumps may be hard to find on the battlefield.

An entire pallet of surgical gowns was donated. Gowns come in different ratings. Cone Health uses gowns rated 3 and 4. A pallet of gowns rated 2 were sent to Cone Health some time ago by mistake. The vendor made it right but didn’t want the 2-rated gowns back. The Ukrainians will gladly take them.

Cone Health has also been donating to LendAHand Missions through its normal process of purging expired and obsolete supplies. The organization has sent the supplies to Haiti, El Salvador and Belize. Now, it will send half of what it has collected from Cone Health in the latest shipment and give it to Samaritan’s Purse, which will use it for Ukrainian refugee relief.

The donations are already having an impact here. “It helps one to feel a little less helpless with all that is happening around us right now,” Fox adds.