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Published on February 09, 2022

More Health Services Open in Greensboro

Cone Health MedCenter Greensboro continues rollout of services.



Greensboro – Several medical services will open at Cone Health MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway in the coming weeks. This will include the opening of an emergency department at the facility in early March.  

CT Scanner

CT Scanner 

MedCenter Greensboro’s location off the urban loop puts 650,000 people within a 30-minute drive of the facility. The newest MedCenter combines traditional medical care with a heavy dose of wellness. It represents the new direction of health and wellness for Cone Health.

“When we designed this facility, we wanted it to be super convenient for today’s busy families,” says Aaron

Radiology Entrance

Entrance to Radiology

Saunders, executive director, Cone Health MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway. “But we want its main mission to be healthy outcomes. We want to put people on the path to wellness and prevention. A teaching kitchen where people learn hands-on about healthy cooking and Sagewell Health & Wellness, our medical fitness facility, are examples of that.” 

Sagewell Health & Fitness opened the first of the year. Areas of MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway opening in the coming weeks are: 

  • Physical therapy, aquatic rehabilitation and most imaging services (bone density, digital mammography, X-ray, ultrasound) – Feb. 9
  • Cone Health Center for Women’s Healthcare – Feb. 14
  • Cone Health Primary Care – Feb. 28
  • Pharmacy – early March
  • Emergency department, laboratory – early March 

A ceremony officially opening the 16-bed emergency department will be held in March with more information to follow later this month.