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Published on May 04, 2022

Connecting Art and Health at MedCenter for Women

Fifty-six artists produced pieces for the MedCenter that will inspire and comfort patients.

Greensboro – Art has an extraordinary power to heal, and a new collection at Cone Health’s MedCenter for Women aims to help patients do just that.

To mark one year since the opening of the MedCenter, Cone Health unveiled the works of 56 local artists on Tuesday, May 3. These artists have created pieces specifically for the brand-new facility that offers a wide variety of services to women across the area. The pieces are meant to make patients feel calm, comfortable, welcomed and uplifted as they go on their wellness journeys.

“As a physician, I know that art in all forms plays a key role in healing,” says Cone Health CEO Dr. Mary Jo Cagle. “We want to surround our team, the patients we care for and their loved ones with art that is both beautiful and inspiring.”

The dynamic art pieces represent the diverse groups of women the MedCenter serves. The collection aims to evoke the many feelings of a woman’s health care experience: hope, love, loss, friendship, fear and vulnerability.

These themes are represented in the MedCenter’s signature art piece, “The Gathering.” Boone, North Carolina, artist IlaSahai Prouty created the 30” x 60” piece, prominently located in the lobby of the new MedCenter. The piece celebrates women coming together but also honors her late mother. Prouty aims to uplift, connect and empower audiences with her work, so she is excited for the opportunity to do those things in a place like MedCenter for Women.

“When I think about how this piece is going to be here for a long time, I am thrilled because it’s telling the story of now, but I hope that it is telling the story of all sorts of women moving through this space,” Prouty said.

The collection was curated through a call to local artists in partnership with Arts Greensboro. More than two-thirds of the artists are based in Greensboro and surrounding areas.

Together, these artists have developed a collection that perfectly reflects MedCenter for Women’s mission to serve all women in this community. It’s a mission that resonates with artist Monica Weber-Salinas. She created “Thread of Life,” an acrylic painting meant to illustrate the MedCenter’s mission while honoring women’s experiences and inspiring a sense of connection. She knows from experience the power of art.

“I have been – as a patient or as family of a patient – in a hospital for an extended period, and there was art there, there were many art pieces and murals,” Weber-Salinas said. “And I personally was able to know and see how valuable that is.”

For Greensboro artist Ashley Vanore, her work, “Better Together,” is about women supporting each other. She hopes the piece helps each person who visits the MedCenter feel they have the support of staff and an entire community.

“I hope that when they see the piece, they feel uplifted, they feel that they’re not alone, that there’s someone there with them,” Vanore said.

To support the arts at Cone Health, make a gift to the Moses Cone Public Art Fund.

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