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Published on February 07, 2022

‘It’s Unbelievable’: Six Nurses in One Unit Expecting Children

Six new team members are joining Moses Cone Hospital 3E.


Sarah King, a registered nurse at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, had a secret she wasn’t quite ready to share. She was expecting her first child but was afraid it was too early to tell those closest to her.

She did, however, feel comfortable telling patients. After all, she’d only see them once, and so her secret should stay under wraps, right? Well, during one visit with a patient, she shared her exciting news, and that patient immediately brought it up to one of King’s fellow nurses.

Worried her secret was out, King never expected what happened next. “[The other nurse] ran up to the nursing station and said, ‘oh my gosh – me too,’” King recalled.

Two nurses, in the same unit, pregnant at the same time. As unlikely as it seemed, they turned out not to be the only ones. Over the next few weeks, four other nurses in Moses Cone Hospital’s 3E Heart Failure Progressive Care Unit came forward to announce they were also expecting children.

While the news was exciting, the nurses were a bit worried for their department director Monette Mabolo, who would have to schedule around their due dates. “By the fourth nurse, we were like ‘oh boy, what did Monette do,” King joked.

After she got over the initial shock, Mabolo took the exciting news in stride. Still, she couldn’t help but wonder “if there was something in the water.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Mabolo said. “This is the first time ever in my career that I’ve had so many women have babies all at the same time.”

Jasmina Cvijetic, RN, recently gave birth to her second child. Her baby boy, Nikola, was born on Jan. 26. She says she appreciates the opportunity to live through such an exciting experience with a group of women she knows well.

“It was a wonderful feeling coming to the work and seeing my coworkers and their bellies growing,” Cvijetic said. “Being able to support each other, take care of each other and share our experiences together was an amazing and unique feeling.”

Dianna Monroe, RN, has a few more months ahead of her on her pregnancy journey. She’s expecting her third child, a baby boy, in June. One of her favorite parts of these past few months has been sharing wisdom with some of the first-time moms.

“It’s been fun for us who are having second and third babies to share our experiences of being pregnant as nurses,” Monroe said. “It’s been a positive thing for everybody on the unit to get excited about.”

Despite working in a heart failure unit, these nurses have seen their work impacted by COVID-19. Each has had to take on a number of COVID-19 patients as the Delta and Omicron variants have led to surges in the community. Given the added stress and difficulty of their work over the past several months, their exciting and improbable news has helped each of them navigate these challenging times together.

“I do think it brings a new hope,” King said. “It’s kind of rare to meet someone who is as far along as you are, but to have multiple people who can all help you through it is really special.”