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Published on December 16, 2021

Sabin Brings Passion for People to Sagewell Health & Fitness

General Manager Mike Sabin and the team at Sagewell are prepared to guide your wellness journey.


When it comes to health and fitness, Michael Sabin knows it’s about more than the weights, machines, and gym access. It’s all about people.

“I learned very early in my career from a mentor that, while we sell a service, this is strictly a relationship business,” says Sabin, general manager of Sagewell Health & Fitness. “Anyone can buy a treadmill or go to any facility to work out. But the relationships – getting to know people, their lives, what makes them tick, and why they’re exercising – that’s what makes them part of your fitness family.”

It’s the little things that can make the difference for people pursuing better fitness, he says. Learning their names. Having conversations. Taking time for face-to-face interactions.

It’s a philosophy he’s applied throughout his career, and he plans to implement it at Sagewell, too. Sagewell is housed inside the new Cone Health MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway. It offers medically supervised fitness programs that support the health and medical needs of its members. Sagewell will provide the medical professionals and equipment needed to help members reach fitness goals ranging from weight loss to surgery recovery.

Sagewell features a long list of amenities to help members reach their health and wellness goals, including:

  • A complimentary, computerized fitness assessment
  • A prescribed exercise program and progress checks with Sagewell staff every three, six and 12 months (or whenever necessary)
  • A wide range of workout equipment, including free weights and cardio and strength equipment
  • An indoor track
  • Two group fitness studios
  • A gymnasium for recreation and sports
  • A swimming area with a heated whirlpool, warm water/therapy pool and lap pool
  • Access to a variety of innovative group exercise classes offered each week
  • Play! programming for children, as well as a babysitting service
  • Wellness education opportunities

Whether patients come to the facility based on their doctor’s recommendation or they arrive on their own through the community, Sabin, who has a master’s degree in exercise science from Western Michigan University, says he wants Sagewell to feel like their fitness home where the staff truly care about them.

“These are health seekers looking to start their journey,” he says. “Creating a relationship with these individuals from the very beginning really falls into our goals and objectives.”

As someone who has been touched by cancer in his own family, Sabin developed a passion early for helping people manage their health conditions, particularly chronic illness. Consequently, nearly every fitness facility he has worked in has had some medical component. Through these avenues, he’s made a positive impact on others’ health. For example, as an early-career personal trainer, he helped a 750-lb pre-bariatric surgery patient lose weight.

Sabin doesn’t just talk the talk, though. He’s walked the fitness walk his entire life. As a three-sport athlete who played college football, he parlayed his athletic acumen into coaching and refereeing high school football for several years. Today, he’s a half-marathoner turned cyclist who relishes a good bike trip on the open road.

It’s these personal and professional experiences that Sabin brings to the Sagewell team that will benefit the patients who to come the facility for better medical fitness.

“My passion is really, genuinely for helping people,” he says. “It’s not something I can do by myself, but with such a great team at Sagewell, we can start and keep people on their wellness journey, making sure they stay healthy and well.”

Sagewell is currently accepting its first members. Find out how to join and begin your new health and wellness journey here.