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Published on August 16, 2021

Shamleffer Joins MedCenter High Point, LeBauer Endocrinology 

Cone Health welcomes endocrinologist Dr. Abby Shamleffer to Guilford County. 

HIGH POINT— Endocrinologist Dr. Ibtehal “Abby” Jaralla Shamleffer has joined LeBauer Primary Care at MedCenter High Point to provide specialized care to patients in Guilford County. 

As an endocrinologist, she diagnoses and treats issues related to the body’s hormones. Shamleffer is excited for the opportunity to help patients in the Cone Health system manage their health and make positive medical and lifestyle changes. She especially values having clear, honest and transparent conversations with her patients. 

“As a patient, you’re never going to come to me for a general checkup as you would with a yearly physical,” Shamleffer said. “Some patients don’t look forward to seeing a specialist like me because they know the conversation may not be as straightforward. However, I always make sure we’ve explained even the basics of why they’ve come to see me so we both understand the expectations about their condition and treatment.”  

Shamleffer practices at LeBauer Primary Care at MedCenter High Point every Tuesday and Wednesday and at LeBauer Endocrinology in Greensboro every Monday, Thursday and Friday. 

Shamleffer spent seven years practicing as a primary care doctor after completing her endocrinology fellowship at East Carolina University. As she begins to practice at Cone Health, Shamleffer is excited to continue living out her childhood dream of working in medicine.