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Published on December 13, 2021

Singing Doctors Fill Hospital with Joy

Four physicians provided a different kind of service to their patients.

Beautiful voices rang through the hallways of The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital this week, but the sounds didn’t come from any visiting carolers.

Four Cone Health physicians traveled from unit to unit at the hospital on Wednesday, singing holiday songs for anyone who would listen. The quartet has no name, but it does have a passion for music.

“We’re just four doctors who like to sing,” said Dr. Brittany McIntyre, Cone Health Family Medicine.

McIntyre walked the halls of Moses Cone with Dr. Elise Leger, Dr. Alex Raines and medical student Bailey Sanford. Together, the group sang tunes like “Joy to the World” and “Deck the Halls.” In each unit, the quartet left their audiences filled with holiday cheer.

“It was a nice Christmas treat,” said Ariel Harris, a third-year medical student at UNC-Chapel Hill. “They did great … it was really nice.”

A UNC connection is what brought this plan into motion. McIntyre, Leger and Raines sang together in an Acappella group at the university. Once they came up with the idea to sing at Moses Cone, the trio recruited Sanford to sing tenor.

More special than the chance to bring their voices together again was the opportunity to bring the holiday spirit to patients and staff. 

“We’ve all been through a lot over the past two years, and health care workers have borne so many burdens throughout the entire pandemic,” McIntyre said. “One of the best ways we have to lift some of those burdens is to seek opportunities to connect and be kind to one another. Sharing music with hospital staff and patients is just that – an opportunity to connect, show kindness and bring joy.”

The quartet already has plans to make the rounds one more time during the week of Christmas.