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                                         Just Approved!!!

Applications for 2019 Fall New Graduate Nurse Residency Program is now open-until September 23rd. Recruiting for Progressive care and Acute care (medical-surgical) new graduate nurses only.

Start Date: October 28, 2019

Attention!!! December New RN Graduates

Applications for 2020 Winter New Graduate Nurse Residency Program is now open.

Accepting application from August 20 - Oct. 1, 2019

Start date: Feb. 3, 2020

To apply for Cone Health’s New Graduate Nurse Residency, follow these steps:

**All Internal candidates must submit a manager reference in addition to the three clinical references. Have them use the internal reference form [Word doc]and then email them to Nursing Recruitment.

Check back for application acceptance dates for our next Residency sessions.

Residency of Emergency Nursing

ED Nursing Academy

Gain confidence in your skills as an emergency nurse by starting your career at Cone Health’s Residency of Emergency Nursing. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive clinical orientation, hands-on learning opportunities and the knowledge of seasoned mentors as you transition into your new role.

What You’ll Learn

Build your basic nursing skills and get advanced training in how to handle time-sensitive situations. Develop your assessment and prioritization skills, strengthen your ability to multi-task and think quickly on your feet, and gain experience talking with and advocating for patients.

What To Expect

As a new graduate registered nurse in the Residency of Emergency Nursing, you’ll participate in:

Learn more about nursing residency at Cone Health.

After the Residency

After completing the 14 week orientation in the Residency of Emergency Nursing,  the professional development classes will start. You will continue  your learning with monthly workshops and paid time away from the hospital engaging in fun and rejuvenating activities with fellow new grad nurses and a mentor leader.

For More Information

To learn more about the Residency of Emergency Nursing, contact our nursing recruitment specialists via email or at 866-266-3767, or email the Residency’s nurse educator, Nicole Simmons.