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Quick Links, Answers to Questions & Acronyms

Quick Links

  • IRB Forms (Cone Health Institutional Review Board)

Frequently Asked Questions (and their Answers)

1. Do I go to NRC or directly to IRB?

If anything in the study pertains to or involves nurses or nursing; or if a nurse is doing the research, you must go to the NRC before the IRB.

2. How much time will it take to complete my project?

This will depend upon the type of project you are doing. Your Project Navigator will be able to help address this.For RESEARCH, be aware that there will be "waiting time", time that you will be waiting on someone else (IRB approval, statistician's results, meetings etc.)

3. Are examples of completed projects available to review?

Yes.  Contact the Nursing Research Director.

4. Who can help me with my project?

The Project Navigator is someone who will work with you and guide you through the steps involved in your project.

5. Where do I start?

Your project starts from the Nursing Research Council's website, Getting Started.  All of the steps involved will be detailed in colorful flow diagrams. 

6. What specific IRB forms do I need to complete?

It depends upon the type and structure of your project.  Consult with your Project Navigator to determine if they are necessary.  For additional information, contact the IRB Coordinator.

7. Do I have to complete an IRB form?

It depends upon the type and structure of your project, please contact your Project Navigator.  Generally projects that are intended to access changes in behavior require IRB approval. These are typically projects that have the primary intent of contributing to generalizable knowledge and will be disseminated outside the scope of the internal institution. Additionally, dissertation or other academic projects generally require IRB approval. If you are having difficulty determining the level of review required for your project, please contact the IRB office early in your project planning phase. 

8.  How do I create a poster?

See our resource page for great advice and instruction.  [link

9 Where can I get access to statistical tools?

You should first check with your institution if you are in an academic program as they may provide programs such as SPSS as well as possible support.If you don't have access through and educational institution, you may want to look at the following Open Source options.- GNU PSPP- Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health- OpenStat


  • AI/API: Associate Investigator/Assistant Principal Investigator.
  • APOC: Academic Point of Contact
  • CITI: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
  • CNS: Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • EBP: Evidence-Based Practice
  • IRB: Institutional Review Board
  • NRC: Nursing Research Council
  • PI: Principal Investigator
  • Project Navigator: This person provides guidance on the steps and processes to complete a project.
  • QI: Quality Improvement

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