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Working with the Literature

This page provides the steps (with links to more information) involved in searching the literature, understanding the types of studies and levels of evidence, reviewing what you read, grading it for quality and synthesizing it for the best evidence possible .

1. Searching the Literature

First you need to search for articles on your topic using databases and other resources.

Click here to get helpful information on accessing and searching the literature.

2. Understanding the Types Studies & Levels of Quality

Next, you will want to understand how the quality of the articles is related to the type of study done.

Click here to learn about the different types of studies and why some are better than others.

3. Reviewing Articles

After reading through an article, you will want to make notes on it.

Click here to get a worksheet to help annotate each article for helpful recall of the details.

4. Grading Articles

Remember Step 2?  Now is the time to take a closer look at your articles and get a sense of their quality.

There are many tools available, but if you need one, click here to "grade" your articles for quality and content.

5. Synthesizing the Literature

Finally, you want to synthesize all of your articles, comparing them against each other to select the BEST ones for the BEST EVIDENCE.

Click here to get a worksheet to help synthesize and access information on your articles.

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