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Featured Posters from the 2014 Nursing Research Symposium

  1. Cultural Bias Education of Nursing Faculty
  2. A Measure of Perceived Fatigue Among Nurses in Western North Carolina
  3. Increasing Patient and Nurse Satisfaction Through Follow Up Visits
  4. Transforming Established Practice into Best Practice: Our Journey to Decrease Immediate Use Steam Sterilization
    in the Operating Room
  5. Perception of Comfort, Knowledge Retention and Teamwork in Cardiothoracic ICU Staff During Cardiac Advanced Life Support Implementation
  6. What’s Going On Under the OR Drapes? A Closer Look at Pressure Ulcers Acquired in the Perioperative Period
  7. Delirium CSI: Comprehensive-Systematic-Interprofessional: Adopting an Educational Initiative to Impact Delirium
  8. Reducing Risky Heart Failure Readmission: Improving Communication During Transition of Care
  9. Reducing Heart Failure Readmission Rates Using Multiple Strategies
  10. "Identifying the Needs of the Mature Nurse Workforce”
  11. "Heavyweight" Champion Fights for a Cause: Best Practice in Daily Weight Monitoring for Heart Failure Patients on Department 4East-MC
  12. Exploring the Incidence of Unplanned Perioperative Hypothermia (UPH)
    in the Ambulatory Surgical Population
  13. Does Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation Really Make a Difference?
  14. Effects of Education and Improved Foley Catheter Care on Nurses’ Knowledge and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections
  15. Compassion Fatigue: Do Caregivers at UNC Health Care Heart and Vascular Units Experience It?
  16. “Stuck on You” Skin to Skin as a Standard of Care for Newborns in the OR/PACU
  17. A Collaborative Interprofessional Education & Practice Model of Military Health
  18. Personalizing Targeted Interventions to Prevent Falls
  19. Improving Quality Outcomes in Hip Fracture Patients through Development and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Protocol
  20. Growing a Nursing Research Symposium Through Staff Engagement
  21. Transforming a Nursing Unit’s Culture:
    Application of Watson’s Caring Theory and Caritas Principles to the Nursing Practice Environment
  22. New Graduate Nurses’ Transition to Practice through a Specialty Residency Program Beneficial for the Nurse and Beneficial for the Organization
  23. A Three-Tiered Bundle to Prevent Falls
  24. Alert! Best Practices in Managing Clinical Alarms in a Progressive Care Unit
  25. Building a Medical-Surgical Nurse Residency: Finding the Blueprint for Success
  26. Focused Education of Geriatric Principles to Affect Clinical Quality at a Long-Term Care Facility
  27. Reducing Maternal Mortality: Implementing a Hemorrhage Protocol in Obstetrics
  28. Our Helping Hands Are Clean Ones: Scrubbing Away the Barriers to Hand Hygiene on a Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit
  29. Targeted Staff Training Enhances Holistic Care: Addressing the Emotional Needs of Patients and Families
  30. Destination Certification: Cultivating Specialty Expertise through Medical-Surgical Nurse Certification
  31. Does the Use of Professional Interpreters Enhance Communication for Non-English Speaking Families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?
  32. Nurse Perception of Organization Caring Culture
  33. Experiences of an Open vs. Enclosed Nursing Station in an Acute Care Psychiatric Setting: Are Structural Changes Important?
  34. Implementation of Peri-Operative Services Committee in an Ambulatory Surgical Center
  35. Inter-Observer Reliability of the Finnegan Neonatal Abstinence Scoring Tool in an Acute Care Setting