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Featured Posters from the 2015 Nursing Research Symposium

  1. The Use of a Standardized Clinical Information System Evaluation Tool to Guide Planning and implementation of an Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record
  2. Arabic (Jordan) Version – Tilburg Frailty Indicator: Pilot Study
  3. Relationships Among Functional Health Literacy, Asthmas Knowledge and the Ability to Care for Asthmatic Children
  4. Safe Sleep in the Hospital Setting: Pediatric Teaching Service and Cone Health Nursing Collaborative
  5. Clip and Clean: An Effort to Reduce Surgical Site Infection Rates in the Cardiovascular Procedural Lab
  6. Really, Did a Code Stroke Simulation Improve Compliance in Patient Care Requirements?
  7. Cultivating Compassion through Awareness
  8. Destination Certification
  9. Engaging Nurses in Creative Education in Clinical Areas Not Typical for a Women’s Surgical Unit
  10. Patient Falls Prevention
  11. Reducing Heart Failure Readmissions: Improving Communication during Transition of Care
  12. Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Facility Registered Nurse Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of Nursing Peer Review Following Serious Adverse Events
  13. It’s All About the Base: An Innovative Approach in Patient Education for Patients Living with Heart Failure
  14. Making a Difference with Using a Diversional Activity Cart
  15. Most Valuable Player Using Most Valued Practices to Improve CAUTI
  16. Examining Neurosurgical Surgical Site Infections
  17. Enhancing the Use of Nurse Driven Protocols to Improve ED Throughput
  18. Putting the Pieces Together
  19. Association of Retirement and Cognitive Ability in Women: A Pilot Study
  20. Round’em Up! The Impact of Multidisciplinary Patient Rounding on Length of Stay and Interprofessional Collaboration
  21. Driving Evidence-Based Sepsis Recognition and Intervention in the ED
  22. Shared Governance Knowledge and Participation Research Project
  23. Successful Patient Engagement in an Employee Based Wellness Program Linking Patients to Wellness
  24. Time Out for TAVR
  25. Viewing or Doing: Effective High Fidelity Simulation for Large Groups
  26. What Our Patients Need: Increased Patient and Family Involvement in TJR Preoperative Education
  27. What’s Your Count Made Of?8
  28. Taking a Deep Dive into the Patient Plan of Care and Education
  29. Cell Phone Apps to Increase Multivitamin with Folic Acid Intake Among Young Rural Women
  30. The Effect of a Diabetes Self-Management Program for African Americans in a Faith-Based Setting: Pilot Study
  31. Tightening the Belt in MAU
  32. Nursing Protocol for Nutrition Intervention
  33. Evidence-Based Implementation of a Closed Peripheral Intravenous (PIV) Catheter System
  34. Blood Transfusions and Vital Signs: The Evidence
  35. Behavior Change University
  36. Health Coach Portal
  37. Implementation of Radioactive Seed Localization Program for Breast Lesions
  38. PEPuP Study for Early Enteral Feeding in the ICU
  39. The Values, Behaviors, and Knowledge of Critical Care Nurses in Providing End-of-Life Care