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Step 3: Choose

Advance Care Planning - Help Completing Forms

Your health care provider can help you have Advance Care Planning conversations and complete documents. If you need more immediate assistance, you can count on our thoughtful, supportive Cone Health professionals to help you make health care decisions that fit your values, beliefs and priorities.

We’re right here w/you, from start to finish.

Share Advance Directives With Your Community

Help us spread the word about the importance of advance directives – and the peace of mind they can bring both to those who put them in place as well as their loved ones. Invite a Cone Health chaplain to speak to your church or community group about advance directives. Everyone at the event – you included! – will benefit from education about these important legal documents and they’ll all receive help filling out the forms if needed.

Signing & Storing Your Advance Directives

In order for your Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney to be valid, your signature on each of those two documents must be witnessed by:

  • Two people who aren’t related to you, who aren’t entitled to any portion of your estate at death, or who serve as your health care providers, and who do not have a claim against your estate
  • A notary public

Keep your completed, signed advance directive forms where they can be found when needed, such as in your medical records at home, as well as in your hospice, home health care or nursing records if applicable. Give copies to your spouse and next of kin, and have conversations with them about your wishes, too. You also may wish to give copies to your adult children, close friends, clergy or pastor, or other caregivers. Bring a copy to your next visit with your physician to include in your medical record so your wishes are readily accessible to your health care providers.

Do You Have a MyChart Account?

If you already have a MyChart account, you can navigate to the Advance Care Planning module under the menu to get access to resources and videos. You also have the ability to view advance care planning documents that are in your medical record and share those electronically with friends and family that you approve. Finally, you can schedule an ACP appointment with your primary care provider to have more in-depth conversations about your wishes.