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Understanding Breastfeeding - Injoy Online Class

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Fee $50 for 60 days access to self-paced content.

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Fees & Payment

$50 for 60 days of access to this information


Online content includes the following topics for you to access for 60 days at your own pace:

·         How breastfeeding works: 3D breast anatomy and milk production animation, colostrum, breastmilk qualities, why breastfeeding is important, AAP exclusivity recommendations.

·         Getting the best start: Sharing breastfeeding plans with hospital staff, skin-to-skin contact, rooming-in, lactation consultants, pacifier recommendations.

·         Latching on: Reclined and upright positions, 3D animation comparing deep and shallow latches.

·         Breastfeeding positions: Laid-back, cross-cradle, football, side-lying, cradle hold.

·         When to feed your baby: Hunger and satiation cues, feeding patterns and guidelines, how to feed a sleepy baby, cluster feedings.

·         Getting enough milk: Signs of milk transfer, growth spurts, feeding and diaper log, stool and urine guidelines, weight gain, getting help.

·         Breast care: Normal breast fullness, hand expression and pumping, engorgement, nipple tenderness, mastitis and other warning signs.

·         Breastfeeding lifestyle: Partner support and involvement, feeding in public, self-care, substances to avoid, support groups, returning to work.


Register online and you will receive an email "invitation" with class information within a few days. Please call 336-832-6680 for any questions.


Childbirth Education at 336-832-6680 or 336-832-6848, send an email

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Ongoing Event

See event details for scheduling information.

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