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FLU RESTRICTIONS: Due to a steady increase in flu cases in our community and in our hospitals, children age 12 and younger should not visit people in Cone Health hospitals.  Read More

Class and Event Search Results

  • Be Healthy Now Running School

    Join us for the Be Healthy Now Running School...we'll have fun getting in shape and preparing for the Legs for Life Wellness 5K.

  • Be Healthy Now: Deep Water Workout

    Please join us for this no-impact class that provides high resistance for the total body!

  • Be Healthy Now: Hearts @ Work (Water)

    Join us for a moderate to high intensity water aerobic workout designed to increase cardio respiratory fitness.

  • Be Healthy Now: Line Dancing

    Grab a friend or two, get in line, and step in unison to popular tunes and oldies. Great workout for all ages.

  • Be Healthy Now: Pilates

    Join us for a class that's designed to improve core muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve overall health using mat work.

  • Be Healthy Now: Power Sculpt

    This class is designed to offer a full upper and lower body workout. The class will incorporate a variety of equipment to build muscular strength and endurance, resulting in a leaner body.

  • Be Healthy Now: Yoga

    This class focuses on breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific standing postures to improve posture, strength, and flexibility.

  • Be Healthy Now: Zumba Workout

    Burn major calories with this fun non-stop energetic workout!