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Cone Health Specialty Pharmacy Services

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Cone Health is dedicated to providing services to our patients with complex medical conditions. Our specialty pharmacy services provide our patients with easy access to complex and hard to obtain specialty medications.

Services provided to our patients include:

  • 24/7 access to pharmacists and clinical staff
  • Assistance with insurance and benefit questions
  • Assistance in obtaining patient assistance
  • Refill reminders
  • Mail order services

We provide medications and services for the following conditions:

  • Oncology
  • Hepatology
  • HIV
  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
  • Rheumatology/Inflammatory 
  • Neurology/Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cardiology/Advanced Heart Failure
  • Coagulation Factor
  • Hepatitis B
  • Pulmonology/Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  • Osteoporosis

Financial Services

We will work with your insurance company to determine your prescription coverage and coordination of benefits, including out of pocket prescription costs such as your deductible, copays, or coinsurance.

We also offer assistance for you and your healthcare provider regarding any necessary prior authorizations and claim denials.

We will provide updated insurance eligibility information, should changes occur.

Prescription Services

Our patients will receive comprehensive prescription services which include help initiating new prescriptions, maintaining refills, and prescription transfers. To check your order status or ask our staff a question, contact the pharmacy at 1-844-642-5762

New Prescriptions

Upon receipt of a valid prescription, we will determine your prescription benefits and inform you of drug information, price, and shipping time.


We will contact you monthly to schedule refills. If there are changes to your prescription we will work with your provider to ensure appropriate transition. We also provide next day shipping for all prescriptions.

Prescription Transfers

If there is a pharmacy network limitation with your insurance company, we will forward the prescription to the appropriate pharmacy to ensure there is no delay in therapy.

We are proud to partner with URAC and ACHC to ensure best practices in Specialty Pharmacy. To contact URAC please call 202-216-9010 and to contact ACHC please call 855-937-2242

Clinical Services

Cone Health Specialty Pharmacy provides many clinical services including:


Pharmacists work closely with your care team and physician to manage your care. Benefits include a better understanding of your medications, and a comprehensive approach to managing side effects.

Clinical Management Program

Once we receive your prescription one of our pharmacists will call to review the drug, side effects, and proper instructions to take and store your medication. At least quarterly our pharmacists will review your medications, assess side effects, schedule refills, and answer any of your questions. Our staff will contact you monthly to review adherence, check for side effects, schedule refills and answer any questions.


In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 immediately

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires you to leave your home, take at least one week's worth of your medication and inform the pharmacy of your location and contact information

If a natural disaster impacts shipping to your area, the pharmacy will contact you to determine if you will need medication and arrange to ensure your medication is received in a timely manner

List of Specialty Medications

Click here for a list of specialty medications we provide!

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