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Financial Assistance Programs

Since our inception, Cone Health has provided exceptional care for everyone in our community, regardless of ability to pay. When your health care costs are more than what you can afford, count on Cone Health to work with you to create a feasible payment plan.

Financial Assistance Program

You may be eligible for financial assistance for medically necessary care if you meet income guidelines or other criteria. Review our financial assistance program policy [PDF] to learn whether you may qualify for financial assistance.

Apply for Financial Assistance

To apply for the Cone Health financial assistance program, download and complete the financial assistance application [PDF]. Send the completed application along with the listed supporting materials to the address shown on the application.

Financial Assistance Provider Listing

The Provider Financial Assistance Listing identifies providers providing services at Cone Health that participate in the Cone Health financial assistance programs.

Hardship Settlements

If you don’t qualify for the Cone Health financial assistance program, but are unable to fully pay for medically necessary health care full due to financial hardship, you may benefit from a hardship settlement discount. Review our hardship settlement policy to learn whether you may be eligible and how to request an application.

AccessOne MedCard

Ask about how to apply for an AccessOne MedCard. With this medical credit card, you extend your financing with an affordable low-interest option. You’ll never be charged membership fees or prepayment penalties and, because the card doesn’t participate in credit reporting, your credit score won’t be considered or affected.