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Cone Health: Helping You Choose the Right Plan

Choosing InsuranceYou may be hearing a lot about the Affordable Care Act and the North Carolina Health Insurance Marketplace (the "Marketplace"). All consumers – insured, underinsured and uninsured - who want to shop for policies, can access the Marketplace. Before you shop, there's important information you should know.

Many Marketplace health insurance policies will be very different from the policies sold today. In short, not all doctors and hospitals are part of every plan. It is important that you carefully select a policy that will reflect your doctor and hospital preferences.

Know the Facts:

To continue receiving your care from our doctors and hospitals.

  • Cone Health hospitals and most physicians in Cone Health Medical Group are part of Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas.
  • Cone Health hospitals and most physicians in Cone Health Medical Group are part of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina.
  • Once a policy is purchased on the Marketplace, you will not be able to make changes until the following year's open enrollment period.
  • Medicare isn't part of the Marketplace, so if you have Medicare you don't need to do anything. You're considered covered under the healthcare law. You shouldn't enroll in a Marketplace insurance plan. Learn more about Medicare details on
  • Cone Health will care for all emergency patients regardless of their insurance policy.

Why Do I Need Coverage

Consider the following when thinking of your coverage:

  • Coverage is an important part of being proactive about good health.
  • Individuals and families benefit from an ongoing relationship with healthcare providers, as well as peace of mind that healthcare costs can be managed.
  • A health insurance plan that includes Cone Health providers will cover wellcare appointments, as well as a team dedicated to navigating the healthcare experience for patients.

Cone Health is the region’s most comprehensive healthcare system providing coordinated, high-quality healthcare. Our services range from prevention and general wellness to nationally ranked specialty programs and a full continuum of outpatient services.

What Can I Do to Enroll in the Marketplace?

Before you purchase a policy, assess the healthcare needs of yourself and your family. The Marketplace will allow you to choose a plan that gives you the right coverage.

Visit to obtain coverage from the federal government during the enrollment period.

Insurance & Managed Care Contracts

  • Cone Health and the Insurance Marketplace