Standard List of Charges Disclaimer

  • I understand Cone Health’s standard list of charges varies by the county in which services are provided, and these charges do not necessarily represent what my insurance company will pay or what I will owe.
  • I understand the standard list of charges includes information as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMA), including:
    • Hospital charges only. It does not include professional fees related to various physicians, including but not limited to, radiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists and emergency room physicians who provide contracted services during a typical hospital stay.
    • Single line-item charges, which do not typically represent a complete medical service.
    • Charge items and costs that may not reflect the most recent pricing due to frequency of updates.
  • I understand it is impossible to estimate final charges due to many variables, including but not limited to: actual services rendered; length of surgery or recovery time; specific equipment, supplies, medications or tests; and any unanticipated care or services.
  • I understand the standard list of charges is not intended for media use.

By clicking “Accept and Continue” below, I acknowledge Cone Health shall not be liable for any difference between charges listed in this document and the final bill for services I receive.

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